Welcome to the Distress Centre Oakville

We know that anyone, at any time, can find themselves feeling lonely or overwhelmed.  You don’t have to be alone!  We’re here to help.

Distress Centre Oakville supports people in our community to better cope with crisis, loneliness, and emotional stress.

We listen, we empathize, and we’re non-judgmental.  We can just chat, or help you to brainstorm ideas.

Having the support of a friendly person who cares about your feelings and what you are going through can make all the difference!

Call us anytime at the Distress Centre Oakville 905-849-4541.

Your call will remain confidential.

If you are in danger call 911.
The Distress Centre Oakville is here to listen since 1974.

Sample Call

“I am thinking of giving up … I have no one, no friends, no family, no one who cares.  I am depressed and lonely.  I’m caught in a loop and I can’t get out.”

Sally’s call is one of many crisis calls each year to Distress Centre Oakville.  We have repeat callers who are dealing with chronic challenges: physical disabilities, health challenges, depression, mental illness, isolation and loneliness.

This story is a composite caller profile.  Calls to the Distress Centre are completely confidential.  We keep non-identifying statistical information only.

Privacy Policy

Our service is completely confidential and anonymous to ensure everyone feels comfortable reaching out to us for help.  Please download a copy of our Privacy Policy for more info.

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